Missing out on this one thing can make you miss the ‘total package’ during your stay in Abu Dhabi. You might have strolled through the city with the tallest and picturesque buildings, relaxed at the most luxurious resorts there is to offer, and shop till you drop at the world’s largest shopping malls. But what’s the point if you can’t look back at the whole experience… Look back at the whole of Abu Dhabi in the best angle possible?

Whether if it’s gazing at the sunset over the beautiful city skyline or having a celebration with the landscape’s spectacular night lights: experiencing the city in one big frame isn’t possible if it wasn’t for a yacht rental service in Abu Dhabi: a privilege for both visitors and locals. The different possibilities that could ultimately result in a good time are endless when it comes to renting a yacht. Still not convinced? Take a look at some of the reasons we’ve compiled just for you.

Enjoy Abu Dhabi Skyline and Sunset from Waters


The tall and puzzling engineering feats look great in close proximity. But does it even compare to the view of all of the cities marvelous structures making an appearance in one big frame, far from ashore? It gets better: add a setting sun into the frame. Now that’s one view you do not want to miss! Remain at a complete stand-still and enjoy the super-chilled city view from afar with a couple of friends.

Relish the Ocean Vibes


Drift across the low-tide, calm Arabian waters and look over the open ocean view on one bearing of the trail. Stay away from the buzz of city life, soak up the rays of the sun, and enjoy the fresh gush of wind with a yacht rental service in Abu Dhabi.

Make some Noise!


Sail through the city’s calm waters at raging speeds to bring out the adrenaline junkie in you. Let your engines make the noise while you blaze at high speeds through the never congested waters of the city-side. Get prepped to satisfy your need for speed and rent a yacht in Abu Dhabi to speeds that can’t be reached on roads.

A Different and Definitely Special Experience


It’s every day that you get to go sightseeing on land, but it isn’t every day you tread on waters opulently. With an enormous number of happy riders who keep wanting to ride on Abu Dhabi’s scenic waterfront, feel safe to try a different and unique experience that you will not forget.

Have plenty of memories to store, and if this investment might still not sound special to you, take a look at the following ideas.

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